10 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Indoors with Plants

10 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Indoors with Plants

Decorating with plants is a way of life that brings freshness and vitality to any living place. Plants purify air, boost mood, and get you closer to nature. To buy home decor plants online, visit Urvann for the best quality and prices. Whether you live in a spacious house or a compact urban apartment, there is a plant to suit your every need. Here are ten ideas to inspire the artist in you and make you a green decorator. 

Vertical Gardens

These gardens can be DIY projects or simple wall-mounted planters to create a visually appealing look for your urban homes. There are many ideas for vertical gardens. Hanging planters, magnetic planters, macrame planters, floating shelves, etc., all act as nature-inspired art pieces.


  • Choose a wall with sufficient light exposure.
  • Select plants that thrive in these conditions.
  • Arrange the plants in a visually appealing pattern.

Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are perfect for adding a touch of green to any room without taking up much space. They can be hung from the ceiling, beams, or even curtain rods. Macrame hangers are lovely and add a bohemian flair to your decor. Mix and match different lengths and styles to create depth and cascading effects.


  • Ensure the ceiling hooks are securely anchored.
  • Use lightweight pots to prevent strain on the hangers.
  • Choose trailing plants like pothos, string of pearls, or ivy for a dramatic look.

Plant Shelves

Plant shelves are a functional way to display your plant collection. Whether a collection of similar plants or a mix of indoor houseplants, these shelves give a refreshing new look to any garden space. Moreover, plant shelves can also be used to make focal points in your indoor garden.


  • Group plants with similar care needs together.
  • Mix different pot sizes, shapes, and materials to create a gorgeous effect.
  • To enhance the display, add pretty books, candles, or showpieces.

Window Sills

Window sills are the most undervalued but gorgeous places to decorate with your plants. These areas often receive ample sunlight, perfect for sun-loving plants and herb gardens. Utilise this place to grow your kitchen favourites or your preferred succulents. Adding greenery will also create a pretty frame for your view. 

Plant Stands

Plant stands come in various styles, from sleek modern designs to pretty wooden pieces. They help to display your plants more effectively and also save space. Where on the floor you can accommodate only a few plants, with a plant stand, you can add height and dimension to your homes.


  • Consider the height and size of your plants.
  • Match the stand’s style with your existing decor.
  • Ensure the stand is sturdy and can support the plant’s weight.

Green Centerpieces

Green centrepieces are a fantastic way to incorporate plants into your dining or coffee table decor. Instead of the traditional flower arrangement, use potted plants, succulents, or a combination of plants and decorative elements to create a living centrepiece.

  • Choose a shallow, wide container for stability.
  • Combine plants with similar care needs.
  • Add decorative stones for added texture.

Bookshelf Gardens

Bookshelves aren’t just for books. Incorporate plants into your bookshelf arrangement to create a stunning, nerdy display. Plants can be placed between books or in front of the books for a layered look. You can also use small potted plants as bookends or vine plants like pothos to create a beautiful effect.


  • Use small pots that fit comfortably on the shelves.
  • Mix different plant heights and textures for variety.

Corner Gardens

Do you also have a dull corner in your home to which you would like to add some life? You can do so with indoor plants such as Syngonium, Golden Bamboo, Aglaonema, Peace-lily, and many more. These plants for home decor instantly liven up corners and induce peace and serenity. 

Make a trellis

Use climbing or creeping vines, such as pothos or wandering jew plants, to make a natural trellis in your home garden.

Magnetic Planters

Magnetic planters are catching on as a trend nowadays and are a hit among garden parents. They are easy to use, highly versatile, and can be stuck on a surface. 


Decorating your home decor plants is a creative and rewarding endeavour. Whether you create a vertical garden, use hanging planters, or design a green centrepiece, there are endless ways to incorporate greenery into your decor. Plants enhance your space’s aesthetic appeal and create a healthier and more pleasant living environment. So, get creative, and let your indoor garden flourish!

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