Headaches behind Your Eyes – Typical Causes and Home Remedies


While there are several types of headaches, a headache behind the eyes is among the most common. There can be several causes for this type of headache ranging from eye strain due to bright light or poor light to migraine. A quick look at some of the main reasons for headaches behind the eyes and things you can do at home to get relief:


Migraine is among the most common reasons for headaches. It can manifest on one side of the head or behind your eyes. In addition to an excruciating headache, many people experience other symptoms like dizziness, nausea, vomiting, weakness, sensitivity to light and sound, visual disturbances, mood changes, etc. Common triggers for migraine attacks include lack of sleep, dehydration, hormonal changes, too much alcohol or caffeine, stress, flickering lights, and more. According to Medical News Today, identifying the triggers can help you prevent migraine.

Eye Strain

Eye strain especially after working on a computer for a long time can cause discomfort. Symptoms like dry eyes, pain in the neck and shoulders, and headaches often accompany irritation or eye strain. With the growing prevalence of computers and other digital devices like smartphones, incidents of eye strain are becoming more widespread. You can get immediate relief by stopping to look at digital screens, reading in poor light, or limiting your exposure to excessively bright light, says a consultant at a leading Columbia Pain control clinic.

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Sinusitis is the congestion or inflammation of the sinuses that can create pressure resulting in pain behind the eyes. The pain may occur in one or both eyes, depending on the location of the sinus inflammation. If you have sinusitis, you can also experience pain in other parts of your face, like the cheeks and forehead. People suffering from sinusitis may also experience symptoms like nasal congestion, worsening pain when lying down, fatigue, upper teeth ache, etc.

It can take up to two to three weeks for the nasal congestion to clear and to get relief from pain. Allergies and viral, bacterial, and fungal infections cause sinusitis that can result in headaches.

Tension Headaches

Headaches due to tension are among the most common types of headaches, with females getting them more than men. It is not unusual for people to frequently experience tension headaches that cause pain behind both eyes and make the forehead feel heavy. The headaches can strike at any time and may last from 30 minutes to a few hours or sometimes days. The dull ache may extend to the scalp and neck.

Typical causes of tension headaches include lack of sleep, looking at a screen for long, stress, and even long-distance driving.


While you can get a headache behind the eyes for many reasons, you can get relief by resting with your eyes closed in a dark place and taking over-the-counter medicines, including muscle relaxants. If the pain is severe and chronic, you may need to consult your doctor, who may prescribe medications, including antibiotics, if the cause is sinusitis. You may also need to make lifestyle changes and avoid triggers like caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco, and stop long-duration exposure to digital screens.