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April Wilkerson

April Wilkerson is an American YouTube personality and home improvement enthusiast who has become well-known for her hands-on approach to DIY building, wood-working, and metal-working projects. Through her YouTube channel and other social media outlets, April provides guidance and instruction on various home-improvement projects, alongside helpful product reviews and tips to get the most out of your home and workspace.

Early Life

April was born in Dallas, Texas, in 1987. As a child, she showed an interest in engineering and car mechanics. She would often help her father repair things around the house and take apart cars he had been working on. This early fascination formed the foundation of April’s current-day approach to home improvement and engineering skill-building in general, and it would lead to bigger projects as she grew older.

YouTube Career

April launched her YouTube channel in 2012 as an outlet for her curiosity and creativity. In the early days, her videos mostly showed her attempts at DIY projects such as building a chicken coop or a guitar amplifier cabinet. She quickly developed a loyal audience of followers who found her down-to-earth and approachable style to be helpful and inspiring.

DIY Projects

April’s channel soon grew to include tutorials on a wide variety of home and workshop projects including furniture building, carpentry, metalworking, and 3D printing. April has an encyclopedic knowledge of tools and techniques that she loves to share with her followers. She is also well known for her positive attitude and her tireless pursuit of her next project.

Product Reviews

In addition to her DIY projects, April offers honest and unbiased reviews of products she has used in her project-building so her followers can make informed buying decisions. She also regularly reviews the products of other YouTubers who specialize in similar fields.

Other Ventures

April’s success on YouTube gave her the opportunity to expand her business into other areas. She started a podcast in 2020, and she has also written several books about DIY projects and home improvement.


April Wilkerson has carved out a successful career on YouTube as one of the leading experts in home improvement. What sets her apart from the competition is her down-to-earth approach, her enthusiasm for teaching, and her honest product reviews. As her career grows, there is no doubt that April Wilkerson will continue to be an authoritative voice in the world of DIY projects and home improvement.

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