Maximizing Convenience: Long-Term Parking at Dayton Airport

Maximizing Convenience: Long-Term Parking at Dayton Airport

Travelling can be stressful, but finding a convenient and affordable long-term parking solution shouldn’t add to your worries. 

Dayton International Airport (DAY) offers various parking options to cater to different needs, whether you’re looking for proximity, cost-efficiency, or additional services. 

We’ll explore these options and provide tips on maximizing convenience for long-term parking at Dayton Airport.

Understanding the Parking Options

Dayton Airport has several on-site parking options, each with its unique features and pricing:

  1. Garage Parking: Located closest to the terminal, the garage offers covered parking at $22 per day. It’s ideal for those who prefer the shortest walk to the terminal, protecting your vehicle from the elements.
  2. Blue Long-Term Lot: At $12 per day, this lot is a more budget-friendly option, but it entails an even longer walk to the terminal. If you’re willing to walk a bit more, it’s a practical choice for extended trips.
  3. Economy Lot: The most economical on-site option is $6 daily. Although it requires the longest walk, a shuttle service can take you to the terminal. This lot is ideal for cost-conscious travellers planning to park for a week or more.

Off-Site Parking with Park-N-Go

For an alternative to on-site parking, consider park-N-Go long-term parking at Dayton Airport,, located just across the street from the airport. This service offers competitive rates and additional conveniences to enhance your parking experience.

  1. Economy Self-Park: At $6.99 per day, this option is only slightly more expensive than the airport’s Economy Lot but offers additional services such as a shuttle that picks you up right at your car and drops you off at the terminal.
  2. Full-Service Valet: For $9.99 daily, you can enjoy valet services where your car is parked. Additional services like full detailing and oil changes are available. This is a great option for those who value time and convenience.

Why Choose Park-N-Go?

Park-N-Go offers several advantages that make it a preferred choice for many travellers:

Shuttle Service: Unlike the airport’s economy lot, Dayton International Airport’s long-term parking service is prompt and efficient. It takes you directly from your car to the ticketing area and back upon your return.

Luggage Assistance: The friendly staff helps with your luggage, making your trip more comfortable.

Rewards Program: Earn points with each trip, redeemable for free parking or other services. This is particularly beneficial for frequent travellers.

Discounts: Significant savings are available for AAA members (15%), military personnel, veterans, first responders (20%), and business travellers through corporate discounts.

Tips for Maximizing Convenience

  • Book in Advance: Reserve your parking in advance to ensure your spot and potentially get better rates. This is especially important during peak travel times.
  • Consider Your Priorities: If proximity to the terminal is your priority, opt for garage parking. If cost is a concern, the Economy Lot or Park-N-Go’s Economy Self-Park might be better.
  • Take Advantage of Additional Services: If you need extra time or vehicle services, consider the Full-Service Valet at Park-N-Go for a hassle-free experience.
  • Use Shuttle Services: Both the airport and Park-N-Go offer shuttle services. These can save you the hassle of walking long distances with heavy luggage.
  • Join Rewards Programs: Frequent travellers should join the Park-N-Go rewards program to accumulate points towards free services and discounts.


Choosing the right long-term parking option at Dayton Airport can significantly impact your travel experience. Whether you opt for on-site parking for its proximity or Park-N-Go for its comprehensive services and competitive rates, the key is to align your choice with your priorities. By planning ahead and considering all available options, you can ensure a smooth and convenient start to your journey.