Steps to Augment Your Productivity By Securing  Your Computer

Steps to Augment Your Productivity By Securing Your Computer

A computer or laptop plays a vital role in one’s life. It is used for entertainment like playing games, watching movies, listening to music, or earning money. 

Regardless of why you use your system, it is essential to secure it so you can augment your efficiency and productivity. 

Scouring the web for computer security and productivity tips will fetch you multiple resources. Unfortunately, you can’t go through them all. This guide is put together by compiling some of the most accessible and valuable tips you can follow to keep your computer secure and augment your productivity. Let’s go. 

Protect Your Data 

Protecting your data and information must be your top priority, especially if you use the Internet. 

Some steps to keep your data secure are to lock your files and folders with a password, use antivirus software, back up data on an external device or to the cloud, remove sensitive data from your computer, etc. 

You must check all the installed apps and programs on your computer regularly, and if there are any you don’t recognize, you must delete or remove them immediately. 

But what happens if you accidentally delete a file while trying to safeguard your data? The solution is retrieving deleted files Mac or Windows by checking the Trash folder on macOS or Recycle Bin on Windows. Alternatively, you can use data recovery software to save you the hassle. 

Use Robust Credentials 

It is never a good idea to use the same passwords everywhere. Regularly changing your credentials would be best so that your online accounts are safe. 

The passwords created must be unique and strong. They must be a combination of letters, symbols, and special characters. It would be best never to create passwords using basic information like your pet’s name, mother’s maiden name, birth date, etc. Such passwords are easy to hack, and cybercriminals can access your data. 

Also, you can enable 2FA and MFA to safeguard your online accounts further. With these enabled, you must enter more than just your password to log into your accounts. For example, you can choose different authentication methods like fingerprint, code sent to your phone or email, etc. 

Beware of Phishing and other Hacking Attempts 

Cybercriminals constantly carry out phishing scams via emails, calls, QR codes, links, websites, etc. They also attempt to hack accounts and get financial information at every chance. 

Once they access your data, they might use it against you. This is why you must be aware of phishing scams and always stay protected against hacking attempts. If you get messages or emails from unknown senders, do not respond, and do not click on any attachments, links, or images. 

If you are connecting to a public Wi-Fi, ensure to use VPN so hackers cannot get your data. 

Staying safe while working on your computer is one of the most underrated ways to boost productivity. 

Exercise Caution When Surfing the Web 

If you receive links from unknown sources, do not click them. Also, you must not download items on the web without verifying the source. 

You must be alert and cautious when surfing the web because it is teeming with hackers and hacking attempts. However, you can use VPN to keep your browsing activities anonymous. 

Find and install Regular Updates 

Keeping the apps and your operating system updated is one of the easiest ways to enhance your computer’s efficiency. 

An updated system means you have the latest security patches to protect you against cyber attacks, and all the bugs are fixed. 

Use Antivirus Software 

Stay safe from malware and viruses by using antivirus programs. These programs will regularly scan your device to detect foreign items. Also, you can scan items before downloading them from the web or email. 

Install Applications from Verified Sources 

You must always install apps from verified sources. If they are installed from unknown sources, they may interfere with system performance. 

Disable Unnecessary Background Programs 

Sometimes, the login items at the startup might create problems while your device is starting up. For example, unknown background apps may slow down your device and cause performance issues. You must identify those programs and disable them. 

Stay Alert of Potential Risks 

Using Internet services and computers can expose your financial and personal information to cybercriminals. You must stay updated about recent cyber crimes and take steps to protect yourself. 

It is important to be alert, sharp-witted, and responsible for your security online. Therefore, ensure to take proper security steps to keep yourself safe. 

Use Your Computer Safely 

Do not keep your system unattended. If you leave your computer, you must lock the screen so nobody can access your information while you are away. 

The Bottom Line 

You can use these steps to use your computer securely and enhance your productivity. 

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