5 Tips for Choosing a Breathable and Comfortable Summer Mother-of-the-Bride Dress

5 Tips for Choosing a Breathable and Comfortable Summer Mother-of-the-Bride Dress

As the mother of the bride, you play a significant role in your daughter’s wedding day. Along with the joy and excitement, you might also experience a bit of stress when it comes to finding the perfect dress for the occasion, especially if it’s a summer wedding.¬†

Comfort becomes a top priority with the warm weather and potentially humid conditions. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Here are five essential tips to help you choose from breathable and comfortable summer mother of the bride dresses and gowns that will make you look and feel fabulous on this special day.

1. Opt for Light and Breathable Fabrics

When it comes to selecting a summer dress, the choice of fabric is paramount. You’ll stay cool and comfortable throughout the wedding day celebrations if you wear light, breathable materials. For mother of the bride dresses in the summer, the following fabrics are recommended:

A. Silk: While silk may not be as breathable as cotton or linen, it is a luxurious choice that works well for more formal summer weddings. Look for lightweight silk varieties to enhance comfort.

B. Cotton: A classic summer fabric known for its softness and breathability is cotton. Even in hot weather, it keeps you cool by allowing air to flow and absorbing moisture.

C. Linen: This fabric is a great option for summer dresses as well. It has a relaxed, natural texture and is very breathable, which goes well with the laidback vive  of summer weddings.

D. Chiffon: Chiffon is a sheer, light-weight fabric with lovely drape. It’s a sophisticated choice that can add a little sophistication to your mother-of-the-bride ensemble while keeping you at ease.

E. Silk: Silk is a rich material that works well for more formal summer weddings even though it may not be as breathable as cotton or linen. Look for lightweight silk varieties to enhance comfort.

2. Consider the Dress Silhouette

The silhouette of the dress plays a crucial role in determining its comfort level. A well-fitted dress that flatters your body shape without being overly tight will ensure you can move around freely and comfortably. Some suitable summer dress silhouettes include:

A. A-line: A-line mother of the bride dresses are universally flattering and comfortable. They cinch at the waist and gently flare out, allowing for ease of movement and airflow.

B. Empire waist: Empire waist dresses have a fitted bodice that rests just below the bust, flowing into a loose and flowing skirt. This design is elegant and comfortable, making it an excellent option for summer weddings.

C. Shift dress: Shift dresses are known for their loose and relaxed fit. They are a great choice for casual summer weddings, and their breezy style ensures comfort throughout the day.

3. Embrace Light Colors and Floral Prints

Summer weddings often call for lighter and brighter colors, and as the mother of the bride, you can embrace this theme with your dress choice. Lighter colors like pastels and soft neutrals reflect sunlight and help keep you cooler. Additionally, floral prints are a popular and fashionable choice for summer weddings. They add a touch of femininity and playfulness to your outfit, creating a youthful and fresh appearance.

4. Pay Attention to Neckline and Sleeve Options

The neckline and sleeve style of the dress can significantly impact your comfort during a summer wedding. While some women may feel comfortable in strapless or sleeveless dresses, others might prefer more coverage. Consider the following options:

A. V-neck: V-neck dresses can be flattering and help create the illusion of an elongated neckline. They also provide better air circulation, keeping you cooler.

B. Cap sleeves: Cap sleeves offer a bit of coverage for the shoulders while still allowing a breeze to pass through.

C. Sleeveless: If you’re comfortable showing your arms, a sleeveless dress can be an excellent choice for keeping cool in hot weather.

D. Short sleeves: Short sleeves strike a balance between coverage and breathability, making them a versatile option for summer mother-of-the-bride dresses.

5. Prioritize Comfortable Shoes

Prioritize Comfortable Shoes

While the focus is primarily on the dress, don’t forget about the shoes! Summer weddings often involve outdoor ceremonies and receptions, so comfortable shoes are a must. Opt for wedges, block heels, or flats, as they provide more stability and support compared to stilettos. If you’re unsure about the terrain or grassy areas, consider heel protectors to prevent sinking into the ground.


As the mother of the bride, finding the perfect summer dress is all about striking a balance between style and comfort. Now that you know these 5 essential tips for selecting breathable and comfortable summer mother of the bride gowns and dresses, you can confidently make a stunning choice that ensures style and ease on this special occasion.

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